Portfolio Critique For A Recent Graduate

Hello all,

I recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and could use some professional feedback on my portfolio. If you find the time please take a look and leave any feedback or improvements I could make. I have looked it over too many times and it has begun to feel a bit stale, so it’s time to get some fresh eyes on it.


Thank you very much,

First, I’d like to say that while I don’t expect masterful graphic design in an Industrial Design portfolio, I appreciate the relative cleanliness of your portfolio. I do take issue with the format; after downloading the PDF, I had to zoom extensively to read the text contained within, essentially zooming to a one-page view (instead of the facing pages layout you’ve got). Others may disagree, so wait on their responses to make your decision on whether to adjust the format or not. I also nearly missed your contact information on the lower-right of the last page. Since I’m not a hiring manager or anything of the sort, I just wanted to give you a quick-pass reaction to your portfolio.

Thank you for your feedback. The spread vs. single page formatting issue is something I’ve been trying to decide on as of late. The portfolio was originally developed as an 11x17 print portfolio for class and it was significantly easier to read/scan through. Perhaps since most job applications are filled out online I should adjust the formatting to single page.

Again, thank you for your feedback.