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Instead of making multiple threads, I’ve decided to keep all my portfolio Crit into one thread. From looking back at what I had this time last year I cant believe I even showed that stuff…

Any critiques, comments, or suggestions are more than welcome.



So I finally got the chance to get together a sample portfolio of some of my better work to send off for internship applications.

Ive included 1 Full Project, 4 One Page Projects, and an additional page with design work samples other than ID (Interface, Print, Web, Brand ID)


I would love some crit on the teaser from those willing to give it.



Nice work James! Two things stood out to me right away:

  1. I would put a little more time into the final rendering for the RESTEP project. I think adding the textures of the chosen materials would be a good place to start. I think the photos really give you a feeling of the product, but potential employers will be looking at the complete package.

  2. Your freelance work ‘outside’ of iD is very interesting. I would go further into detail for one of those projects as well(target market, concepts, etc.). That would show what you were thinking as those projects were completed. Though some many not consider it an iD project, it is valuable in showing off your skills.

Overall I think it is a good start. Good luck with the internship search!

Hey first off, nice work. I think these are good projects to show.

I would condense all of your sketches (from Restep) to one page. The smaller they look, the better they look during a quick glance through. I don’t know if I would go through this much detail about your project in the samples that you send to people. I spent about 1-2 minutes looking through the pages and didn’t read a single paragraph. It really is about what catches the person’s eye that matters the most. I’d say page 6, for your restep project is almost perfect by itself for that project. Maybe you could use that one and add one more page explaining your design.

Also, there is no title page for your Restep so I have no idea what it’s about. I don’t think it’s necessary to have sketches on all of your projects (like Kota). You should really pick out drawings that are pop for your samples. For your eco2, put some explaination on your exploded view, it’s nice that you have one but the details don’t explain anything.

Other then that, maybe have a more consistant layout for each page. Just remember that when you send this to a company/someone, they’re not going to be spending much time reading everything. Think about your samples as a elevator pitch. Show as much visually as you can. Make design eye candy!

Thank you both for the valuable feedback. You both definitely pointed out some good points to focus on which completely by passed me. A lot of the “additional” design work for clients does not have much development (maybe concepts and refinements but thats about it) so I may look into it.

I’m currently working on the Full Portfolio and plan on having it done by next weekend which I will post up for review.

Anymore feedback would be awesome.