Portfolio Crit/Feedback

Hey All,

So I just recently edited a few past projects and reworked my portfolio. Hope you all can give me some good feedback.

Note: This portfolio is intended for obtaining a co-op position for the fall of 2010. The industries I plan on targeting are the athletic and outdoors industries.

All comments are welcome, as it only helps me.


Jared Downs

There’s some nice stuff there (razor looks nice). You explain your process well, too. Although I don’t agree with some of the design decisions (USB charging for a razor? Most people already have a lack of ports already, and you want to take another one away?). You should also spell check. Things like “brake (break)” and “concervative (conservative)” jump out at people and is unprofessional.

Seems to be some unfinished projects (like the lacrosse head). I’m wondering why you chose to start of with an unfinished project. Why isn’t it finished, by the way?


Thanks a bunch for your comments, you pointed out some stuff I didn’t exactly explain well.

The USB charger was intended to remove the razor from the wet environment, which I will have to explain better. As for the projects that are “in progress” I have been working on 2 of them for the last year and a half and as my skills improve I continue to change and redesign the projects to bring them to my current level. I believe that my personal projects are never finished and should continue to evolve. But I can understand your concern.

Thanks for all your input!

Any one else?