portfolio concept need crits


the concept goes as follows

ice is the design side. the cold, hard, and precise nature of design. the fire is the art/illustration/photography side. the messy, artsy touchy/feely way i go about creating art. i use both disciplines together and that’s how i like to present myself. the ice side would showcase my design work, services, and design philosophy. the fire would have all of my fine art work, services, and artistic philosophy.

i have a limited knowledge of web design. it’s all css and jquery. so i think it will only work in new browsers.

i’m still not 100% on this design so i’m willing to scrap the entire thing

whoa! Really? I would not go with this.

Yeah man, that was my first reaction too. Any work you do put up on that site will have to compete with nekkid ladies… and trying to figure out the two halves is… well… if you have to explain it…

James Bond comes to mind.

I would scrap this. It uses images to enhance your portfolio like a web banner uses animated dancing squirrels to make me pay attention to mortgage plans.

I’m guessing it is for industrial design and this site doesn’t say ID to me. I would go for a simpler design. The work should be in focus, you’re not trying to sell yourself as a graphic design/web designer.

And another thing, and this is something I really dislike:

_source: http://theoatmeal.com/_

Doesn’t matter if it’s a flash intro, if you can skip or not or if it’s just splash screen. Don’t do it unless you need it to load some flash that will totaly blow my mind… and when it comes to flash… don’t get me started :wink:

I think the reactions are consistent. My advice is that as a hiring manager I want to see content. The site, or the printed portfolio for that matter, should stay out of the way of the actual content.