Portfolio? Can't Seem to land an ID job.

I have been a freelance designer for around 7 years but not full time. I am having a hard time finding full time employment. Can someone look at my portfolio and tell me what the heck is wrong? http://www.coroflot.com/mcouncil

If someone has some advice on how to do a resume that highlights my freelance work rather than my past full time work… That would help a lot.

Don’t hold back either. I have aquired thick skin over the years.

#1, get rid of the self taught description in the first line.
#2. do a project based resume. list projects you did/worked on, with samples and descriptions of what was done /accomplished.
ie, "developed online presence for Big Billys Canteen, improved customer traffic by %40. etc.
#3 move your list of skills up to the top.
ie (list of headers)
Skills / Abilities (don’t use 'Proficiencies ')
Projects /Clients
Awards ?
#4 learn to use indents , bullets or dashes
#5 look up resume examples on Monster.com etc, just do a google search
there are a number of ‘non traditional’ resume styles out there.
#6 Goodluck! keep trying :sunglasses:

Thanks for the comprehensive advice. I will do every bit of what you said. That is exactly what I needed! Thank you Thank you Thank you.