Hi guys,

I have recently opened my blog for public.
Please check it - any feedback is appreciated.




Excellent work!

Your 3D renderings and sketches are fantastic. It is rare to find both skills so well developed. All too often, I have seen great 3D but no sketching ability, or vice versa.

It did take a while of scrollign down to figure out what I was looking at however. It wasnt clear starting at the top taht Chickory and Chocolate was a 3D film project you were doing, or even if it was your own work or you were maybe showing the work of some studio named Chicory and Chocolate.

Putting a description into your blog at the top will help (I am a designer, 3D artist, working on htis film, projects, bla, bla, etc.)

But otherwise, fantastic stuff. I’ve bookmarked your work, and if i ever need visualization or 3D work, ill be coming to you.

Unlike much 3D work, your stuff still feels artistic and human. Thats a tough thing to create working in pixels.



I like it! It was entertaining.


It`s very encouraging to get a feedback from guys like you.

I agree with your proposals rkuchinsky and I will try to consider
all of them.

Thanks again.