Portfolio binders

I don’t remember if I made a thread on this, but I have been looking into getting for a nice folder for my portfolio pages… for class and for interviews.

I know the things I need to watch out for, like reproducibility, ability to be updated and perhaps one day I need to send it out.

So I have narrowed to letter sized 3 ring system with my pages in plastic sleeves.

So far, I can’t believe how much folders cost. $40 and up… for a crappy noisy aluminium folder that has the quality no better than a metal lunch box I used to carry in elementry school.

So what do you guys suggest? I found a leather covered with a “zipper” like hinge but still costs a lot. It also has to go with my theme, so I am looking for grey scale colors.

Some suggests making one myself but my instructor discourages it because for the reproducibility is not high, and that most of the time, the pages won’t even flip right.

I was asking my family to look for them in Asia but I realized that they use bi-ring system rather than 3 ring, means I cannot get letter sized sleeves.

Lastly, from an employer’s point of view, what do you like, dislike or what trend do you see in how people present their portfolio these days?


I have been using the same 14 x 17 Prat presentation case for 20 years. Yes I have replaced the sheets several times but the case still looks great. I get compliments on it all the time. Its a bit pricey but over the years well worth it. I don’t know if they make it anymore. They do have something similar but with a spiral:

Scroll down a bit to see it:


If I need to send something out I will go with something inexpensive like: http://tinyurl.com/3omp8

The plastic one is what I am using now.

I think right now the best thing I can do is to create a simple wrapper for a cheap folder. Something along the line of buying some fabric or leather from Michaels and do some sewing myself. I was thinking of using eyelets if I can’t find a sewing machine.