Portfolio bags

I hope you could help me. I am thinking about investing in a good portfolio bag for my work (+A3 size). However, what are the problems you have encountered with portfolio bags yourself? What frustrated you?

Hmm, not quite sure what you mean by typically I bring physical models, 8.5x11 (a3) printouts and also make arrangements ahead to project my work on a screen or at least have an iPad, especially because more and more content is video or physical, the paper alone just doesn’t cut it.

One thing I’ve not ode to rant off topic for a sec is the last few rounds of interviewees I’ve had in have not been fully prepared to go through their work. The designer that got the job optimized her design skills and ability to present and lead the interview. What I’m getting at is that the physical portfolio is important, and equally important is your ability to use it to tell a captivating story about why you should get the job.