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Hey guys

I have just graduated University in the UK and was wondering if you could take a look at my work and leave me some comments to enable me to improve the content. I still have some work to upload and some minor tweaking.

There are two links; one fore my portfolio, and one for my website.





I only have a few minor suggestions for the site. A couple of videos that play in the site do not have controls to pause, rewind or stop. I found it kind of annoying when reading one section but missing the movie because it began to play once the page had loaded.

The side scrolling also tends to get a bit annoying, but that is more of a personal peeve.

The overall look of the portfolio, experience, about me, etc pages look good, but the home page seems a bit bland.

Other than that, great site and I’d love to see it after some minor tweaking.

I think it looks good. Great layout, nice and clean, but I would like to see more sketch work. I saw some and I can tell you can sketch, but like every one in here is probably going to say…I would love to see more.

Also…What is it you did for Mars? If it was just putting a bar in a paper wrapper I see no need to show it and I feel it is very weak. Trust me as an IDer for Mars I have a million on off mock-ups that I have either done for marketing or my self to just look at an idea and they would not end up in my folio. They just are not strong enough on their own. Now if there was a process behind how you got there then I could understand it.


Thanks for the fast replys guys.

mipe19 - Thanks for the comments, I will edit the movies in the morning, also just realised I put the wrong video on for motorola, thanks! (15min video is wwaay to long)

Package iD - I have a bucket load of sketchwork but my grip is in which is the best way to show it, I have shown most of my sketchwork as a photograph of the sketches as I’ve used it as a development and communication tool but do you suggest maybe scanning more sketchwork.
My fear is showing too much sketchwork as it becomes repetitive, I guess my though was people would take it as a given that an amount of sketching has taken place i order for me to come the resolved concept. BUT I agree that there are gaps where sketchwork would communcate the process better

MARS - this piece of work was about exploring peoples emotional attachment to the ceremony of eating chocolate and how mass manufactured confectioneries have lost the scene of enjoyment. Aswell as environmental brand exploration such as taglines, material choices, “mars and nature” and reacting to the complete journey through the life of a mars bar.
I take your point in how the photographs don’t justify the project and more need to be added for the value to come through.

Thanks again for the quick feedback. Chris.

Everyone please any comments good or bad welcome

If this is the case than I would want to see that in your portfolio. Just showing me a MARS bar in a paper wrapper says nothing to me and to be honest is not that original of an idea. So if there is a reasoning behind why you did it than it may be a viable idea, but just by itself…not so much. Maybe I am a bit bias on this one because I work for the company but I would love to see your reasoning behind how mass manufactures have lost sight of the enjoyment of eating chocolate and how putting it in a paper wrapper solves that issue. This whether you think it is or not is a major part of our company and an objective we work towards so if we are lacking it would be great to see that.

As far as you sketches go…I love your layout and maybe it is just putting a few more in the pics. You could also create a book filled with your sketches and take that with you to show off your best sketch work.


I just read the caption for this project and I pose a few more questions.

What is it about this wrapper makes it 100% biodegradable? One thing about chocolate is that it is made from choco powder, sugar, milk and choco butter. This means that there is a great deal of fat in the chocolate. This means that either the package needs to have barrier properties (meaning moister can’t get in or out) or the chocolate itself has to be coated with something that gives it a barrier like M&M’s with their candy coating. This would mean that your paper Flow wrap or wrapper would need some sort of inside plastic barrier to keep the chocolate from bleeding all over the wrapper. Think of it the same as when you buy a pizza and you see the grease spot on the bottom of the box. Chocolate dose not have that much fat, but it will start to break down when exposed to air. So with this interior film it would not make this wrapper 100% biodegradable. The reason why I am mentioning this is not to blast you or put you down, but to let you know that in order to make that kind of claim you need to have those facts squared away. 100% biodegradable is a very strong statement in this economic and political climate.

I would also do a bit of research on what percentage of waste and litter, snack food wrapper takes up in a landfill. You will be surprised to find out that packaging waste is just a small percentage of land fill capacity. Commercial waste is a large contributor along with Bio waste.

Like I mentioned earlier… I am not busting you because of where I work (frankly It does not bother me) and I am not trying to put you out. I am just bringing up the questions that would be asked in an interview about this project. If you have good reasoning for this design, then show it and lets see that background work!!! Good luck with the port!!

Package ID -

I like the idea of a book of sketchwork, could work well as a nice addition to the website aswell.


You will be surprised to find out that packaging waste is just a small percentage of land fill capacity. Commercial waste is a large contributor along with Bio waste.

I spent a great deal of time looking into these figures, the percentage may be smaller in comparison but when you take into account the volume of plastic used by mars alone and the number of bars produced each year this waste has to go somewhere and even the smallest percentage in landfill isn’t good enough for me and neither should it be a justification for the brand. The figures also do not take into account how users/consumers dispose of there confectionery packaging , we only have to look around our streets and hedgerows to understand this.

This would mean that your paper Flow wrap or wrapper would need some sort of inside plastic barrier to keep the chocolate from bleeding all over the wrapper. Think of it the same as when you buy a pizza and you see the grease spot on the bottom of the box.

I understand your point here but there are major advances in material technology which you probably know of which can combat this. The outer paper would be produced from responsibility managed sources of trees, the printing would be vegetable starch, and the inner foils production is based on renewable galenic materials - corn making it 100% biodegradable. Cost of these material is relative to production so the more demand the lower the cost making it a competitive option.

Thanks for challenging me on these points as it show I need to put this across in my portfolio in black and white, hoepfully these answer some of your questions in the short term.

Thats the kind of back-up that needs to be in your portfolio. It is a well thought out argument that has facts a reasoning behind it. Some of your point could still be challenged a bit, but I think you have taken it far enough that a interviewer could see that you have a good knowledge of this topic, but will not see that or will not care if it is not put out there in black and white.

Thanks PackageID

please keep commenting or leave feedback

overall, nice layout and content, but something about the presentation left me lacking. for some reason, i couldn’t really figure out what any of the projects were really about…

it’s not that more text description is necessary (i read it all), but that the work shown didn’t really demonstrate how the solution you found was the optimal one or really show much “design”.

for example, in the first air com project, i read the text, but then couldn’t really see how the solution delivered what you promised. esp. for something like this I think more UI needs to be shown and as well more formal development and use case scenarios. all i really got in the end was a iphone like device that a bunch of people can hold.

as another example, the medidome, sorta the same thing. i don’t really get the problem in the first place, and the solution isn’t really that clear on what it does, or why, or what the other options you explored are all about.

bottom line, is that i think you need to better tell a story. it doesn’t need to be in words, but clearly show the problem, the exploration and the solution. you seem to have solid skills (sketching, rendering, graphics, etc.) but aren’t selling them in the most effective manner. consider showing it to someone who knows nothing about design and adding no further explanation and see if they understand what you did and why.

you’ve got a good base of work, and a nice, diverse project set, but more clear storytelling could go a long way i think.