Portfolio almost ready and input?

Hi all,

For the past few months I have been working, searching, editting and updating some my work. After giving it a few reviews I think the content is almost ready to be put on a home-made/personal website. Though I like coroflot, it`s easy, fast and effective!
Next year I am graduating, and my focus is to find a (semi)-permanent job that I can combine with my freelance visualization work. (haha when reading that sentence again it sounds really obvious)

I would really appreciate some input! :slight_smile: (A few things are in dutch, I know, should look into that) Mainly: is it diverse enough? I think I could add some extra sketching/marker-rendering and maybe story telling. I have been reviewing current works a lot, so I need first impressions and opinions!

link: German Benavides Morán, Product design & high-end visualisation in Amsterdam, Netherlands

All the best!

After a quick glance, the main thing I am sure employers would like to see is more developmental sketches to go along with your work as you stated. You also have a lot of projects with plenty of great renders/models, but not much explanation of what the project is trying to solve or deal with unless your intention with those is to show your prowess with 3d programs/rendering. I would like to develop some type of story with these projects.

Diversity? Check. Your projects are pretty broad in terms of focus, do you have particular companies/consultancies you wish to work for? When you apply to companies do you send all your work or just select samples that may match the place of interests’ work?

Many thanks for reviewing! :slight_smile: Will definately work more on the storyline and developmental sketches, maybe redo some and look for the sketches that I made then. The markers are expensive though, think I`ll just start with a few greys and blue. And just got a trial of Sketchbook pro :slight_smile:

But do you recommend marker or digital sketches? There is a big difference there and I still am trying to figure out which one is more important before I`m going to spend a lot of time in it.

I dont really have a particular type of company as preference. If the company has enough creativity, the vibe is good, and they are good with computers, it would be very nice. But maybe thats already a specific combination haha.

When applying I just send a pdf with a selection, along with the website. I just found someone who designs websites from scratch, does not charge much, and likes to come up with a lot of concepts, so that ball will be rolling soon. Will post the development here! The main focus: quick loading, very quick. :slight_smile: And I want it to be very minimalistic and to the point.