Portfolio 2.0 brought to you in Technicolor!

Hi guys!

It’s been a really long time since I updated my website, but it has officially been updated nonetheless:

I’d love to have input on your impressions of the site and where I could possibly improve in areas of communicating my point of view, storytelling and process work. For background info, I’m a junior industrial design major at CMU who does work in interaction design and biology (yes I’m a huge nerd) as well.

Right now I’d say the website is 90% complete. I’d really like to add more short written captions to some images and include more research boards/sketches as well.

Thanks for any advice you have!

Super nice site, well done. I like the reveal of color pages after the initial black and white thumbnail, it makes me want to go back to the main page and click another. Very solid presentation and impression.

Tiny observations, really to be taken as the last 2% kind of things. I clicked through the projects left to right, the structure of the window gardener (project 2) and the alarm clock (project 3) use the same wooden bend shape. There is a tiny disappointment on opening the alarm clock page to see the same form immediately repeated. The clock with the physical block for the volume, I really like. Possibly move the cube clock up to the top of the page to make a new impression of the sequential viewer.

Really tiny detail, Apple UI Design Intern “Summer 2009-2010” reads funny, “Summers 2009,2010” perhaps?

Great job, nice work!

Quick browse through and just wanted to say I really love it. The layout and graphics are great, and the work is all spectacular. Don’t have time for a full review (packing and off to China tomorrow), but not much to really say that sticks out.

Only thing maybe missing is a “next” project or “back” button at the bottom of each project page, or some sort of navigation to get around. Maybe mini squares like the ones on the front page off to the side or at the bottom?

Also, just a note - I thought the rollovers of the images on the front page would make the BW photos color on mouseover state. The lighter grey seemed a bit too subtle. Maybe something to explore to create more interest and lead you into the projects? Personal design preference in any case.

Great stuff. Work is super strong. Can’t believe you are a Junior.


I don’t know if you are working on it as I type. The pictures aren’t loading up, you have allignment issues with the navigation on the left overlapping the project text headings on the homepage and its superslow and killing my browser. I’m using I.E.

Graphics style looks great, hopefully I’ll get to see the work!

I just want to chime in and say your portfolio really does look great, lots of great work in a great format. I was originally going to agree with adding color rollovers to the greyed pictures, but I think Naxt has a good point about the user wanting to click on more projects to see them in color. A color rollover might lead the user to think they’ve seen enough from just the color icons. I definitely agree with a next button or seeing the icons at the bottom to more easily navigate between projects though.

I also wanted to mention that I found your Simple Science blog/photo collection in your about me section and think it’s awesome. The pictures are really well done and it’s awesome to know that you’re really interested in these things and are so eager to explore. They may not be “design” projects, but I’d make the link more prominent in your “about me” section. I don’t know if everyone would have as highly positive of a reaction to it as me, but I can’t see how it’d be negative (unless you tried to say it was your main selling point, which you aren’t).

Keep up the good work!

Edit: I just noticed the simple science pictures are listed as a project, which means my suggestion is now to not change anything in how you present it.