porter footwear design website

hi guys, this is my first go at a portfolio design website. have a look all comments welcome.


please give it 30sec to load.

best mark

Hey Mark,
I’m not getting any pages. I click on portfolio, then footwear and then it just shows a blank gray background. I tried in IE and Firefox? Left the pages for 2 minutes and still nothing?

Hi Choto

thats strange i have tried it both at home and at work and it works fine, it takes about 20sec to load using 3mb broadband.

is any one else experiencing this.



Worked for me.

I like the way the website is set up, its really easy to navigate.
My only criticism would be that any of the text in your sketches/boards is completely lost, its too small to read in most cases. Not sure exactly how you would do it but i would maybe create new layouts of your boards to work for this website better, so the text is separate or a description of each project off to the side or as a header instead of buried in the boards, with it how it is its just pretty pictures and i have no insight into the project.

not bad though, cool to see some production stuff in there.

Cool site dude. Good luck.

Thanks for the comments dziner82 and robertcj. i agree with you 100% about the text, i will have to add some more visible text to explain the projects better so there is more substance to go along with the pretty pictures.

please keep the comments coming guys

best mark