Portable mouse pad (Por-ta-pad)

Do you use a mouse in the living room such as on a couch? Will you think the following mouse pad design useful? It’s light, flexible and can store a mouse as well.


Hi Chung,

Nice observation, but I think the form is very brick-like and biscuity.

I would consider choosing a softer form with nicer materials, something cosy.

Also, lose the rainbow background. It looks very marketing.

Good luck in bringing it to market!


If it is to be a brick, let it be a well detailed brick…

see this suitcase by Marc Newson:

The shoulder pad on the strap looks like a brick itself!

What’s Marc Newson up to these days?

there is something intersting about it but i think there is no need for this product to be so big , i mean heavy looking , you can creat a comfy looking with less material .
i like this alternative .

Thanks for the comments. I think it’s the impression that it’s big, and when it compares to traditional mouse pad. But when it’s put together with something like a couch (where it’s supposed to be used) then it probably becomes small.

Two more flavors:


Its been a long time since I posted…I have watched from the wings but I havent jumped in. Chun the form or lack there of this pad is interesting but not very ergonomic. It would be nice to see a a carved out area for the wrist and maybe even a memory foam very. Although optical mouses are great they still work best on flat hard surfaces. Maybe play up a contrast of hard and soft materials…I think YO’s example is a great reference…


I’m new to this forum and product design, but as an art director, you’re backgrounds are killing an design presentations you have. They are over powering your product design.