Portable Fans?

I’ve been trying to shop for a portable fan, but I can’t bring myself to purchase any of the ones I’ve found so far. They’re all terribly designed! Does anyone own (or know of) a beautiful, well-designed portable fan?

As in a small desktop one? I’d go vintage. Etsy has some winners usually.

Dyson is the only one I can think of that is decent looking. Vintage is great, have a few myself. Just watch your fingers. They are a death trap.


quick Etsy snapshot

I love vintage fans. been searching to create a collection myself.


We plateaued at 16 a few years ago… love em. Visitors always want to check them out.

Muji USB desktop fan- http://bit.ly/TQ6OuS

I love vintage fans.

I had a pretty nice group of old brass-bladed, cast iron Westinghouse and GE fans that my folks acquired from relatives over the years. The moving company employees must have liked them too, they all got “lost” when I had her estate shipped out to California.

Oh man, that is horrible. Moving… I’ve had to deal with the movers too many times over the last 10 years. CT>PDX>BOS>SF>SD … I’m done for a decade or so :wink: