PORT >> Bridge design competition

PORT put up a quick bridge design competition the other day, and I thought I would throw a couple of sketches down for it, and see if any of you were interested.

Wow Yo,really nice your sketch,looks like a viking boat.


Nice! Is it structurally sound?


‘grab life by the horns’

saw this on a post card sitting on my girlfriends parents fireplace…

and your suggesting…

i’m suggesting that your design could be possible to build…from my understanding this bridge exists in Kansas.

J6 asked if it was structurally sound, i think it very well could be.

however, they are pedestrian bridges.

sorry… couldn’t tell if it was a dig. Thank you… the PDX bridge I think will be pedestrian and light rail (street car)… so maybe… but who knows… you guys should throw some sketches in!

haha yeah i could see how it could be taken the wrong way. i probably should have set up a better introduction with the picture…

but yes, i dig your design. your sketch has a lot more energy than the one in the painting. i like the archs in both the roadway/walkway and the vertical supports. i also like where the cables meet the vertical supports up top. it would be cool in the future to see some sketches on how exactly those might be attached…

anyway, i wasn’t tryin to call you out on anything negative, nice sketch.