Porsche Photo

I just love this photo…

… that’s it.[/img]

Are you sure it’s a photo?

good point, here’s the other shots in the press release…


It could be a rendering or some post editing to the photo, impressive either way. I really like the filter effect where the edges gradient to black. This is the same filter that the BBC use to film Top Gear. It’s a cool effect and really makes you focus on the car.

yeah thats a sweet picture, great sky colours.

The effect you talk about is called a ‘vignette

I love the pushed contrast, too. Makes it look very dramatic, like 300 or Gladiator.

Ditto to Boz - Top Gear does some excellent post-production work.

This photo is really nice !

I also really like car photography by Steffen Jahn, they are pretty incredible…I think it was on Core77 a few years ago.


Nice website too!

nice pic indeed. (car’s not to shabby either:) )

looks like possibly an HDR image (high dynamic range). a composite type shot that pulls in max detail and range from shots at several exposure levels. either way, for sure lots of post work.

nice location too. looks like a helipad someplace?

check this one out as well:




also another beauty, is this a current trend to have a more menacing look to the image instead of the normal sunkissed blue sky type.