Porsche Mission X EV concept, some fun details

I’m not sure how I feel about the flow of the exterior, the side seems a little broken up, but some really nice details! I love the bubble greenhouse and the interesting glass break-up too.

A lot of specs for a concept car:


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Video with head of Porsche design, Michael Mauer:

I missed this! I do like the side view. It looks more like a contemporary sportscar racer than anything else. Those high front fenders and a little extra cab forward have been in racing cars for at least 8 years.

I could go without the giant watch in the dash. I’m really confused by UI/UX in cars. The point of digital gauges in racing cars was about saving weight and being able to show different information always in the same place. This thing has a digital lap timer next to a giant analog clock that seems to be in the centre and therefore not really for the driver to use, but simply observe when they are in the garage or at the dealer.

I like the vent for HVAC in front of the windscreen. Ever since the industry stopped punching steel vents and went with plastic shrouds they have tried to hide them. This recognizes the design opportunity with them.

I assume that thingy is supposed to be for the passenger to do lap times or something no? It also seems removable? Some images don’t have it.

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Thanks @mo-i , I’ve seen those on vintage racers but never really dug into it.

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