porsche chair


porsche is from germany and so is the term ‘kitsch’.

You don’t really believe these chairs were designed by Porsche … do you?

You don’t really believe these chairs were designed by Porsche … do you?

No, of course not!
I just saw this and had to share. It is so ridiculous to me.
But out of 117 views so far, only 2 replies.
1 reply seems offended, 1 reply seems concerned for me.
WTF people?
I guess it is not so funny, huh?
I was thinking, you could place this across the room from your '57 Bel Air couch and have a tailgate party in your living room.
Think about it. This thing was actually made. Someone thinks it will sell. Even more ridiculous is that someone will probably buy it.
OK. Its not funny.

If I was rich and had a garage with a 917 and 962 in it, I think it would be nice to have a couch like this! Now, why would anyone some bloated Yank car for a couch?


A lot of folks visit this site who are not ‘designers’ per se. Ya never know who yer talkin’ to. No offence meant. Hey, I wouldn’t buy this stuff to put in my living room (granted there are those who would), but I might find it amusing to have something in my garage, or down in the basement. As a design ‘professional’ you have to allow yourself to have some fun with ‘design’, or what’s the point?

The ‘hot rod’ clan in the US is vast, especially here on the Left Coast. If you offer anything, even remotely, ‘rod’ oriented you are going to sell it. And it has nothing to do with aestetics … baby strollers that look like little hotrods, faux fuel pumps, front-clip sofas, tin ‘gasoline company’ signage, replica oil bottles, kid’s bedroom furniture (ya gotta start 'em early) you name it. It’s an industry unto itself.

There used to be a grill here in town that featured an ‘automotive’ theme with similarly styled furniture; a local upholstery shop built them. People were always asking where they could buy duplicate pieces.

These pieces weren’t made by them, but you can see that there is a demand for it.

And my favorite - a replacement toilet handle…

An as yet untapped market is the pick-up truck set … talk about a tailgate party; a sofa made out of the rear end of a Chevy/Ford/Dodge pickup truck, complete with drop down tailgate … . … hmmmmm.

You’re preaching to the choir, buddy.
Your examples, however, are distinctly Americana. I agree, this type of thing has it’s roots in Route 66, rockabilly, and rod & custom culture (all decades past authentic by now and reduced to archetypes). If this sort of thing is 1)antique, and 2)made as a one-off by an eccentric artist or gearhead, it can be quirky and charming. Though by now, this sort of thing has been beaten beyond recognition by bad taste and overuse.
The porsche, though, has nothing to do with this tradition. To see the poor thing in this context is ridiculous and novel to me in the same way as it was the first time, when I saw the '57 Chevy tail couch 20 -something years ago. Thats all. It cracked me up to see something so dignified in such dire straits. Its almost like an ashtray made from a gorilla’s foot.
I do like the flusher though. It imparts a sense of power that is lacking in a toilet.

I’m no designer but I think the Porsche chair is of course impractical and might not be a interior designers wet dream, but " If you build it they will come." and they will spend big bucks to take it home. Lets face it the Euro crowd and American Muscle crowd will never see eye to eye but it seems they’re both as crazed to turn classic cars into furniture with headlights and exhaust pipes. So where are the engine coffee tables? :bulb: