Porsche 918, it's electric (boogie?)

Looks cool, well, looks a little too funky to be a good Porsche to be honest. I love a good Porsche, and even some bad ones (928s, 944s2, 914) but this 918 is too concept driven even in this concept display. I like the forms but over all it fails the brand. The headlights are a mess, the interior is a Lambo rip off if I’ve ever seen one, the way the form flows over to make the front wheel arches is just not right for a Porsche. I do love the door handles, they are exactly like the ones Pininfarina did on the 1952 Cisitalia 202 Gran Sport. I wonder who would win in a shoot out, the 918 or a Tesla.

At first I thought what do you mean it looks funky, it looks pretty damn nice (overall) then I clicked your link. I guess the real prototype didn’t live up to the photoshop renders. I’m wondering what are those plastic hubcaps for? The green bits all over the car and especially the “hybrid” writing on the door sill are just weird, its trying way too hard and instead just comes off as tacky imo. I agree with you on the headlamps, they looked alright in the renders but definitely not so much there.

I really do like the overall form though, after looking at it side by side with the carrera gt it actually makes the gt look dated although its definitely borderline spaceship :slight_smile:

Here’s a good video and some pics