Porfolio Website


Its been a while since I’ve posted. Now that I’ve graduated its time to find a job. I just spent the last few weeks reorganizing, reformatting and creating a portfolio website. I’d love to get some feedback on the site and the content. Thanks in advance.


Hi James

First off I’d say great sketches and great renders, I’d like to see more of those sketches, more of that ideation and development of a concept in sketch form before the great CAD visuals. There are a few examples where it seems you’ve delved straight into CAD and the idea has evolved as you’ve been modelling it, (or throwing shapes as I call it) apologies if I’m wrong on this. Try to perhaps condense the text sheets to just one, even better create a Money Shot, I found this article really interesting, maybe it could be of help…


With regards to the design of your site consider losing the intro page, it’s doing nothing and there is no need for it. Have the user land directly on the grid page. The intro page displays your name and no other page apart from the about page does. I think your name should be at the top of every page and should act as a link to the home page.

The contact link should give contact details in text format so that people can see what your email or telephone number is. If these details are on your Resume then that’s great but they need to be here too, not just a pop-upcontact form.

The vavigation also seems a little awkward and the image enlarging with the drop shadow feels a little 90’s to me.

Keep building on it and developing it and I’m sure you’ll get some interest. Best of luck.


Great feedback, Thank you. I’ve been thinking of making the gridded page the home page. It does make more sense. As for the contact page. That info is on my resume and the contact form is a standard template from Wix so I’m not sure if I can add that info there. But I’ll look into it. Great article as well.


Perhaps consider moving away from wix. It is’nt too difficult to set up a cargo collective, an indexhibit or a wordpress based website hosted directly at your own domain, there’s plenty to read on how to do it online.

Although your contact details are there in your resume from a web usability point of view they need to be on show as not everyone will bother to view or download your cv. You need to spell it out to viewers so it is as clear as day what your contact details are.

Although your web layout and design is important it’s not as important as the work inside so still keep developing the work and the story of your designs.