Porfolio Critique


Would love some feedback on my portfolio. I currently work in marketing technology but very passionate about product design and the process of developing ideas into tangible objects and experiences.

Would love to see how the work I’m showing translates to ID professionals and if I am effectively communicating my skill set as a designer.

Thank you!!


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Thank you Keno! Guilty as charged. I work in marketing and have no formal education in art or design other than a Product Design drawing class at Pratt in their continuing ed department…fell in love with the ID visual lexicon and approach to exploring product features. Sounds like I have some work to do, but at least some of my design intuition is getting through…

Very thoughtful and valuable feedback, I really appreciate you taking a look at my work.


Hey Grant,

I definitely get a genuine sense of passion for the product development process through the Switch Cuff project. You went through a really robust process and hats off for following through. A lot of the skills you demonstrated through that process are extremely critical/valuable parts of bringing ideas to life. That being said, I agree with Keno, if you’re trying to get into a more traditional entry level ID role I’m not sure how much of this would resonate.

Right now if you were to apply to a entry level job ID posting you’d probably get overlooked based on technical skills, however if the role was more interdisciplinary/hybrid marketing/design/creative direction then you’d probably have a massive leg up on the typical recent ID grad.

What sort of brands/companies would you ideally see yourself working? Corporate, consultancy, start up? What type of work would you ideally see yourself doing on a day to day basis? Answering some of those basic questions might solicit better guidance.


Hey Matt-
Thank you also for reviewing my portfolio. Great advice for directing my search and positioning my skill set. I definitely see the overall gap between my portfolio and a typical ID grad so helps to know the strengths I should highlight. I agree, something more interdisciplinary might be a better fit. Corporate, startup, consultancy…doesn’t matter as long as there is a need and respect for producing good design.

Truly appreciate your time in offering advice.