Popularity of Alias in Product Design

Solid Works is widely used. What about Alias? Do you use Alias at work?

i currently use alias’ software package and love it!

ive worked in three design studios and ive seen rhino used most (prolly for economical reasons) you guys think that is standard in most us studios?

We run SW and have since 97plus. As a company at that time, we wanted Alias. But our biggest client went to SW. We followed suit and are very happy now. Great program, designers and engineers can be very happy with it.

We’re thinking of running a couple seats of Alias within our design dept.; currently the engineers run Pro-E. Also looking at Solidworks. Either way, we will just be doing rough models that will be used by engineers to model real time in Pro.

We use Solidworks, Alias Image Studio and Alias Sketchbook Pro (w/ Cintiqs)
Great combo, especially with the ability of ImageStudio to open native SW files.

hey gilty…

for the last while we have been rendering SW models in alias (export to iges) but it is very glitchy. many times radi come through all hex’ed up and rendering time nearly triples. if only photoworks could produce better materials…

when image studio opens SW files are there any problems with the geometry? is is really much better than rendering directly with photoworks?

We are using Rhino and Flamingo as they run on normal computers and can do everything we need in terms of ID. Then port over to SolidWorks or Pro-E used by our engineering vendors.


Let me preface this by saying I’m not an Alias zealot. I’ve spent time with Studio and didn’t really get into it. But, Image Studio and SketchBook Pro are 2 very good programs.

Regarding ImageStudio, so far, so good. The geometry shows up very clean. when opening an assembly, the parts show up as groups, making selection much easier v. surface picking.

From the user-interface and time required time perspectives, Photoworks can’t compare. ImageStudio is straight forward. I’ve had experience rendering in Alias, but ImageStudio is much friendlier. My only complaints (and Alias ‘says’ they are working on them), is (1) the inability to create shaders from scratch, and (2) limited light options.

I realize that high quality renders are achievable with Photoworks, but the time to perform the trial and error process is horribly long.

The setup time for a quality render is considerably faster with IS v. PW.
The material manipulation is much more direct/faster with IS - mostly due to the horrible UI in PW.
IS provides a render queue, allowing multiple parts/views/resolutions to render overnight.

There is a time limited trial of IS available on the Alias web site; try it out. Only version 2.1 allows import of native SW files; not sure which version is downloadable.

I’d be curious to see some examples of SW models rendered in Imagestudio…

I downloaded the trial version at work but unfortunately didn’t get enough practice with it before my 30-day ran out. I see they have renderings on the Alias page, but doubt they were done in SW.

If anyone has work they’re allowed to show, I’d love to see the quality…I would love to ditch Photoworks2. As a matter of fact, I’m rendering right now, 45 miutes and only 3 bars later…ughhhh

I use Rhino. Use to work with SW till I found Rhino. I find it more flexible and less complicated than SW. Would like to learn Alias, but I havent tried it yet