Pop culture, a basement, and the quest for a Lamborghini

Here’s a great story of a guy inspired by the movie Cannonball Run to build, part by part, his own Countach in his basement:

wild, think he would have fixed some of the poor design flaws, or built a better car. Lambo’s are nice, but they are a trick to drive. I’ve only driven the Mura, but I have ridden in a countach. That is a really nice build and end product. There is a top gear where a guy builds an open wheeled racer in his kitchen.

That is really impressive. I looked at the gallery of construction pictures and I am amazed at the quality and attention to detail. I am sure that it is better built than a real countach. I love that he made the body from aluminum instead of going the easy route with fiberglass.

Oh yeah for sure this is going to be better. But I meant the hard to get at spark plugs and design issues like that (well they are like pushing a brick into the wind, but that is something else.)

There is a fellow in the UK who makes fake Diablo’s that are so spot on that the parts are interchangeable. That was a goal for him, he had a Diablo and did not like paying a lot for new parts that got mangled at the track.

Wonder how Lambo feels about him using their badge on his car?

hmmmm . … . bet he could fabricate a new Lotus Cortina MkI for me! And probably for about the same price as a Countach.

Whatta deal!