Okay. You got me interested, but your link was not working.
Thanks for the hint.

My first professional training was as a 2 year apprenticeship with the leading German manufacturer of car coatings. We did a lot of on the job training in laboratories, even if for personell in comercial functions. What I have kept as info is how many of even the modern colors are based on natural pigments.
Way back in the day before everything went petrolium based there was room for many fully formulated colors, that came more directly out of nature.

But the test regimen of OEMS concerning longevity became ever more regid. We just assume, that the color of our car lasts the lifespan of the car no matter if you run it in Mexico or Alaska. More “chemical” formulations tend to stand stronger against UV light, for example.

Catering to the given expectations with more naturally based colors will be an interesting task.
As every (honest) dog owner will attest, dog poo is a strong colorant on surfaces where it should not go. That might make an either strong base for new formulations, I just do hope that our dogs in the future will not develop an undue interest in the neighbours shiny new brown Bimmer.

If current AI has anything to do with the future of car styling and CMF, organic poop shades will make it into the Pantone data base sooner rather than later.