pont of sale design - opinions???

Hi all

What are your opinions/experinces of the POS industry and how does it differ to product design??

I landed a job straight outta uni as a Development Designer at a POS/Retail Interiors company and i absolutely love it. Its fast paced, high volume fun work and i like it most of all because of the variety of jobs and roles i play. In Development were responsible for taking the chosen concept (in the form of a 3DS Max rendering) and turning it into something which can be manufactured (we use Solidworks 2006) at the right cost and in the allowed time (which is usualy yesterday!), we then project manage each job (usualy about 10 at any one time per person) using external suppliers and we decide all of the materials, finishes etc and finaly arrange installation which can be anywhere in the world. Its hectic and not for people who dont like pressure but thats why i like it so much.

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Sounds like you really love what you do. Congratulations. You are indeed one of the lucky few.

I am the POP industry-not exactly the same, but very close, and it pretty much blows. Why it blows has been documented to the N-th degree by various people on these boards. But in a nutshell, I see designers in my industry losing what little say they have left. We are becoming CAD bitches, taking our marching orders from idiots with marketing degrees.

When you peruse the boards here, there is an overwhelming theme of underwhelming enthusiasm for the design industry. But the good news is that we will always have a place sweeping the floors in the aisles of “Big Box Mart”…

Maybe because we are not a huge corporation and we dont have a marketing department, we dont have the politics. Who knows. We do have big clients i.e P&G, Nars, Elemis, Calvin Klein, Glenfiddich etc and we hold regular ‘innovation’ meetings and if anyone (from creative design or not) has a good enough concept then we will develop it.

There seems to be alot of people working for companies where they have no say…that must suck.

Geo (UK)