Pomegranate Cutter Design - just had crit today

First time posting on here :smiley: I’m a sophomore undergrad at RISD, and I just had crit today on my latest project. The prompt was to design a kitchen utensil for a specific food, so I chose the pomegranate because they’re a pain to open.
Let me know what you think! Check it out here:

Welcome Blake. I think you will get more responses if you post the images into the discussion topic.

Nice concept and brand align with. The CAD surfacing looks like it could use a lot of refinement based on the reflections.

Does it work?

It seems that it would not be difficult to build a functional prototype to prove proof of concept.

That would certainly make the project more robust. Hack together a proto and show us a bunch of cut up Pomegranates.

Quick feedback:

This slide would be more powerful if it was on a cleaner background. Also looks like movie stills. Stage a few photos in a cleaner, more open table top.

Highlight pain points. What part of the process do you want to make better? This slide here is the most important as it tells us WHY this product needs to exist.

This page here is to me your biggest downfall.

Notice how clean the lines of all the POM products. Very soft/simple/bulbous. I feel like ideally you could incorporate this design language a bit more into the final design.

Few quick things that pop into my head? Why is there a dotted line on your blade? Can the blade mimic the heart in the POM logo? How big is this? Can a 50% female hold this comfortably? Does it even work? How can I stab the top and get a conical cut, turning in a circular motion when then the blade in perpendicular to rotation of axis? Part lines go a long way in products like this. Same thing with making sure your over molding is a bit offset from the surface. Seems like if its flush with the palstic you wont get full grip potential.

Its a good start and presented fairly well. Just need to refine it and work on your story telling to push it to the next level.

small piece of feedback, but the logo is too big. Needs more breathing room, it is starting to fall into the radii.