Polyurethane foam suppliers

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for polyurethane foam suppliers in Orange County, CA area. I’ve been searching on google but whatever comes up is either the flexible kind or a 1"-2" thick sheet. My school supplies the foam in big blocks for making prototypes but I need it ASAP! Any help would be appreciated.


Hastings Plastics in Santa Monica carries sheet thicknesses of 1", 2", and 4" in sheet sizes of 2’x4’, 4’x4’, and 4’x6’

I don’t know where your school is buying “buns”, but I suspect they must have a working agreement with someone, and that they are buying a bunch of it. There isn’t much call for large blocks of foam. The EPA in California is making it harder and harder to manufacture this stuff so you may have a hard time finding any locally. I’d suggest contacting someone at school (to find out where they buy it if nothing else (I’d almost bet out of state)).


They also carry “foam kits” if you need to make you own blocks.

As far a laminating sheets to get greater thickness… I use 3M90; it does not leave a hard adhesive “layer” between the sheets to screw up your sanding.

EDIT- Clark Foam was, for years, the hot set-up for urethane foam, but the EPA essentially drove them out of business. An alternative to it is a product called Last-A-Foam, and yes, it too is in sheet form. But it IS available in SoCal from Professional Plastics in

1810 E. Valencia Dr.
Fullerton, CA 92831
tel: 800-878-0755
tel: 714-446-6500
fax: 714-447-0114

and San Diego
8334 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
Suite 210
San Diego, CA 92111
tel: 858-637-2800
fax: 858-637-2805


Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but it’s pertinent.

I need advice about PU foam and which density is ideal for foam ‘sketching.’ I don’t want the high-density stuff that is barely workable by hand. I need stuff that I can carve easily with a rasp and some files. Ideally black/gray in 2" thickness so there’s less gluing for me.

Any suggestions?

I found this, that they call ‘1.8#, 90 ILD gray polyurethane foam,’ but I’m not sure if it’s what I’m looking for and I don’t have the time to be ordering stuff that may not be exactly what I need.