Polymeric Gel Material

Could anyone advise on this material which is now in use for shoe inserts to reduce heel shock or even as a total arch support? It appears to be a silicone rubber solid that is available in different densities. How is it typically manufactured; poured from a liquid into a mold? Thanks for any info.

You might want to check out GLS. They make injection molded TPE which you can mold almost any density. They also use urthane elastomers in shoes as well.


Or, you could be looking at a viscoelastic polymer gel which could be enclosed in a molded flexible housing. That would provide quite a lot of dampening…


Those gels tend to be poured into some kind of containing skin envelope because they are so soft on their own. One such gel used in some furniture and some bicycle seats is called Tecnogel, which does not seem to need a containing skin. No one seems to be too quick to say what the formulation is, urethane based most likely.

Thanks to Warren and ShawK for the suggestions; very helpful. Looks like Technogel is a polyurethane. I ordered an inexpensive product made of this stuff and will evaluate and advise. Thanks again!

Just want to know if anyone has any experience with using the material, Technogel. Any more sites that contain info about technogel?

One of my project is to interview a person who uses or designs with the material.

If you know someone or a friend that uses or used then can you pls leave your email address so i can ask a few questions

Tomn47, what product did you order?

Thanks for your time