Polymer that holds it shape

For my graduation Industrial design project I am searching for a material that has the ‘look and feel’ of a polymer (or rubber typed material) that is able to hold its shape in any form, like (thin) metal.

For an example see the Nokia 888 concept. That is the solution I am searching for.

It should be in a sheet form. The best would be to find all these characteristics on one material, but I am also thinking on laminated or injection moulded inserts.

Do anyone know such an existing material or construction? Or do anyone have suggestion for smart solutions?

Greets, Jorrin

I believe a ductile metal coated with poylmer could be useful. I had such a toy when I was a child. It was an astronaut, with a big head and flexible arms, legs like you want.

Plastic are not malleable like metal, will not hold a shape. Metals feel like metals. Combination of the two materials is what you are after.

Lots of these in the markets now. Silicone over a spring steel band.

You can do some neat stuff with the metal substrate. Depending on where you cut it you can make it easier to bend in one direction. You see this on some medical sensors.

The stands on these have a metal encased in rubber too…

Something else thats on the horizon is memory materials, though there arent many products using it. Some go from one shape to another by temperature, sometimes with a small electric charge. these examples are metal, but some plastics will do it too

Thanks for the reactions! Those are some interesting directions!

Could you please show me one or more examples?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a material thats infused with something that when you apply a current, it holds it’s shape rigidly. Would a current based thing help?