Poll: Product you've owned the longest

  1. Dovetailed, handcarved wooden bed. I’ve had it since I was 10 (Almost 11 years now) But it was a Laura Ashley model and originally from the late 1800s.

  2. It’s timeless, “whimsical”, goes with everything, sturdy, yet light, and easy to move and so simple it never needs repair. Most importantly, wear and abuse just add more character.

  3. It was a rather big spend originally, so those Hollywood frames just don’t compare. No matter how sleek my decor gets, it works and warms it up a little.

My grandma uses skillets and pots that are much older than I am. If I had to guess, I’d say some of her stuff is 40 years old. Kitchen equipment can be pretty sustainable - especially cast iron.

I’d say some of her stuff is 40 years old. Kitchen equipment can be pretty sustainable - especially cast iron.

It might be older than that. I inherited seven cast iron skillets (from 6" to 18" in diameter), two 12" diameter c.i. dutch ovens, and a 12"x18" c.i. gridle. All (well, most) are in regular use. I also have two ancient c.i. teakettles (also hand-me-downs) that are so old, and erroded (worn and used), that no one remembers where they came from … just that they came down through the family.

All were inherited by my parents, from their parents, and from their parents (my great-grand parents). I’m 55, making this old iron roughly 130 years old.

I’ve had these almost as long as the turntables I mentioned above, and just paid almost a third (after shipping) of what they would cost to replace to buy some new ear pads. They still perform yet, and taken a beating over the years.

So what’s kept you from moving onto to the latest and greatest replacement? Emotional attachment? Or are they just that good?

  1. They are still competitive or better than most things at the pricepoint I would consider.

  2. My wife got them for me when we started dating.

  3. They still work great and are in good shape overall (besides the ear pads that were replaced). Save a little space in the landfill for something that doesn’t still work.

so I guess it’s a mix

Funny, those headphones are on my list of items to get. Ditto about not upgrading to the newest, etc…, the originals work the best. Most of the newer versions of turntables for instance are just full of marketing gimmicks, things somebody in a boardroom came up with to “add value” (make someone want to buy it more than the other brand). But hardcore users don’t really need new features, it’s about pure usability for the decks. No cool blue led’s (they don’t illuminate the record grooves as well as the plain ol bulb in the techs popup light), etc… There’s no need to upgrade when the upgrades aren’t as good as the original.

My old silca floor pump could qualify. had it 22 years now. Always works.

I have toted it everywhere. I only lost it once and I love the fact that there are always parts for it.

All internals can be replaced. Try that with a specialized, trek , or zefal.


For everday use, my Stanley one quart coffee thermos, all steel. Had it now for about 15 years.

For occasional use, my dad’s Winchester model 24 double barrel 12 gauge. He bought it in '47 and still works perfectly.