politics at work

Does anyone else out there have a boss that openly discusses their political views at the office? Since I work in a large corporate setting this is very new for me. My boss voices his opinion to anyone within listening range without any concern that someone might not think the same way. Politics are not one of my main interests, but his rambling combined with the daily news has me in deep thought about stuff I wouldn’t normally let bother me.

Most of the design/art related blogs I read are politically leaning in a certain direction, while my boss’s views are completely opposite. In trying to make some sense of it all I have come up with only one idea:

Designers and politicians have a lot in common. They are both highly skilled in making things look a certain way, regardless of the crap that lies beneath.

Hey, I’m just trying to be positive. It would be great to hear from someone.

Don’t let it get to you. I am sure your own opinion would be as annoying to him. We all stand for something and no matter what’s going on we’re still alive and the world is still spinning.

I can’t imagine what artist and many designers feel but it’s all about what you belive in.

Thanks for your reply; really agree with what you are saying. I would bet that if I posted this on a Monday morning there would already be ten responses. Seriously, I just threw out the idea that designers and politicians have something in common!

i think as an adult everyone has the right to form his/her own mind about the world they live in. we certainly don’t need babysitters telling us about realities out there. if we are too lazy to go and find out for ourselves and simply accept anyone’s opinion as absolute fact , specially politicians and those who thrive on public opinion, then we deserve whatever misery and misfortune that falls upon us.

and those individuals who at moments of crisis take advantage of the situations to create a hostile atmosphere for other individuals have mental related problems and always lack sufficient proof for their claims. what they portray to be true, urgent, and realistic is their own fear and stupidity.

nowhere in history you’ll find a country meddling in some part of the world and not recieving some sort of retaliation. if an action is for justice and good of all human beings then only time will prove its validity. just as the US government claimed that people in iran are ruled by a dictatorship and saw a majority of %67 voting and dismissimg bush as a credible individual.

right now i’m in iran and people here are celebrating the fact that their unity in elections has exposed the true face of a liar and his supporters, even if their country is branded a dictatorship by political marketing people.

so why can’t americans who have such high standards in their own country do the same i ask myself? the only explanation i have is that americans have allowed the politicians to go too far and given too much power to individuals who are not qualified to make decisions for them and this has passed onto others who find themselves in that position as well and won’t hesitate to take others for a ride. very dangerous.

I feel your pain. The company I work for donates to political causes that make me crindge!

The War With Iran Has Already Begun

Forward that on to your boss and ask him what he thinks about it.

Yes, I have a boss who openly dishes his views on politics, women and “third-worlders.” My illustrious supervisor calls products “bitches” (as in, “just wrap that material over the bitch”), and the boss’s wonderful nephew shows people internet pictures of women’s backsides and laughs, “It’s so big, you could strap a saddle on it.”

…All in a day’s work…

Designers like politicians???

Yes, a whole lot of flash covering a whole lot of trash.

bush and his supporters have missed the point. you can’t fight terrorism by labeling and invading countries as if terrorism is some sort of a controlable behavior. try saving smokers from lung cancer instead.

at best, it’s a waste of tax payers money while the only people that benefit from it are arms manufacturers and dealers in US.

My fear is that the western world has turned so PC, that it is afraid to acknowledge real world issues for what they really are. I wonder sometimes if we’re turning into sheep that are following the pipers tune.

Who will raise their head and stop the flock from going over the cliff?

*flock should be herd
*sheep should be rats
*piper should be shepherd
*western should be US
*PC should be BS
*real should be fake
*tune should be black gold

Since you’re in a large corporate environment, there should be some clear HR policies about this. Corporations don’t like to be sued, and they like productivity.

Yup. I work in a small studio. Granted most of us are what would be considered ‘liberal democrats. Seems like we all are unhappy with Bush (to say it nicely) Still I’m not sure if my views are identical to the boss’ It really isn’t the place to discuss this.

’ Boss several times a week actually ‘asks’ us to check out what he is playing on his screen. Sometimes its the daily show etc.

All that is nice but I have work to do! Send me a link. I’ll look at it at lunch. I hate the interuption.