Politecnico di Milano

Hi guys,

I am moving to Milano to study in a master course at the Politecnico.
Well, I just wanna know if anyone have some cool tips about living in Italy and this kind of stuff.

I am also still looking for a place to stay, so if anyone is looking for a “coinquilini” in Milano, please let me know!



hi rafael,

Hope you’ll be fine there, but I don’t know about italy. I just wanna ask you how did you apply to study there coz i emailed several times but bounced back.
What is the email address, if you dont mind sharing? Thanks :smiley:

Hey Rafael, which course are you going to study in Milano? I am also going there this year, to study Product-Service-Systems Design :slight_smile:

i am in milano right now. since you are near politecnico you will probably be living closer to porta venezia.? the place to be is the navigli, for pubs and fun hangouts, the design library is the happiest place on earth, and the best brioches are at cherubini in piazza 24 maggio

I plan to apply for the same course for second semester joining.
I have gotten through Domus. I have done bachelors in design and worked for two years.
As per you how is your experience in the course and what future possibilities it brings?