Polishing resin

How do I polish resin to a glass like finish?

There is a product called Zam. It is a jeweler’s polishing compound for cast resins. It leaves most cast resins with a glossy finish. I did a quick search on google and came across some various sites that discuss it. Here is a link to a site that sells Zam and other polishing compounds.


Zam seems to work pretty well, but you need to make sure that the durometer you are working with is hard enough to polish. I have melted some castings in the past because I was running the polishing wheel too fast.

You may also want to try


Polytek is a group devoted to resin castings. They offer sample quantities of various durometers of resin. They have always been great to talk to and discuss any potential problems you might be having. I didn’t see that they sell Zam or any other polishing compounds, but it would be worth a call.

thanks for your help