Polethylene Plastics/ Conventional Foam Adhesive

Hey Guys and Gals,

I need a bit of advice.
What is the best adhesive to bond Conventional Foam
to Polethylene Plastics.

Basically I am wrapping some foam on a plastic tube.
I need the foam to stay on the plastic tube as the foam will
take a bit of beating.


I saw something called Hold the Foam.
Has anyone else used it?

Has anyone used Super 90,77,74
for this application.

The problem I think I may face using 3m Super 90,77,74
is that I have to slide a plastic tube into the foam.

Will the 3m Super be to tactile for me to slide and position
the tube?


yeah I doubt you will be able to slide it in using spray adhesives.

Epoxy sticks anything usually, CA if you need it fry fast(though the fracture strength of CA is less than epoxy)

Polyolefins are chemically inert, meaning they do not bond together. You will find that if you use polyethylene, nothing will glue to it. You’ll need to change your tube to a material that can be bonded-ABS, PVC or some other polymer.