Polestar O2

When people ask me why new petroleum super cars don’t interest me :slight_smile:

Looking forward to something like this going into production… but affordable…


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Cool design, but kinda looks like an evolution of the 350Z. It also looks heavy, which makes me feel like it would drive like a LeBaron. EVs are a blank slate, why does it look like Fiero concept? (I know I just mixed two very different cars in this mini-rant, but live with it).

I’m bullish on Polestar…

Side profile is stunning! Rear horizontal trunk/brake light line is…what? Missed an opportunity to integrate front headlamp shape and wheel hub shapes.

Polestar has the manufacturing and battery production muscle to threaten Tesla’s market share.

I saw another Polestar in the wild yesterday and I really like them. If I was in the EV market right now, they’d be top of my list. Aside from the drone (which I’ve discussed on Twitter so I won’t duplicate here)… this is an awesome concept. I want to see this on the road.

I don’t care much for the sanctimony behind this concept. This concept is clearly an add-on to an existing car collection of some rich guy. It is about as an ungreen of an idea I have ever seen. Why make it in the first place?

I hear you iab. I’m not sure what the proposed price on this would be. If it was the price of a Cayman then I think it could be a daily driver, not a part of a collection, and I’m all for it. If it is the price of a Ferrari 488 then my interest goes to zero.

Daily driver? I think that is a stretch at any price point. I don’t think that car has space for a carton of eggs.

While I agree, iab, it’s all relative. I used to follow an R8 home every day after work. Even in winter… in Minnesota!

And yeah, if it’s $60-80K, sure. $100K+? Nope.

I used to daily drive an MR2. I rarely need space for anything bigger than a laptop bag. I know plenty of people who daily small two seaters all year long.

There was an article in Autocar of a guy who had 100,000+ miles on his Ferrari 360. It happens.

Since it’s an EV, it might have a roomy trunk. There is a lot less mechanical bits now.

I think Polestar is starting to have a look. Personally, I think they look too much like Volvos, but I guess no EV shopper wants a “legacy” brand on their car… whatever. I think the o2 looks like a Polestar from the back, but the front is forgettable. If you told me it was a new Lotus or Lambo, I would have believed it.

Maybe the drone carries the groceries. Or the baby?


I won’t disagree there are exceptions to every rule. And now I am really wondering what percentage of Ferraris have over 100K miles, or 100K km. But if you are branding your car as sustainable, you all think a supercar is the proper brand language for that?

I do think using the drone to carry your groceries is brilliant. Polestar should go all in.

its got a chunky lotus feel to it.
nice, but looks a little too bulky

No. We as a society are so dreailled, that I can’t possibly comment on it anymore.

Ask the 90 year old Michael Gorbatchev what he thinks about the current situation and draw your own conclusions.

Branding this sportscar with all that marked Aluminium alloy specials as sustainable might have been cynical 3 weeks ago. At the moment it nearly makes me puke. Volvo does know better.

This was 19 years ago. Yikes! : All-women team develops concept car - Volvo Cars Global Media Newsroom

And now have a look at what Mercedes just published.

If we really wanted to go the route to a “sustainable” lifestyle, which does not reap everyone from personal transportation it would honestly look more like this:

Oh Sorry. Wrong century. The future might be more of this:

Just in case some of you did not get the memo so far.: “Europe is deeply f*cked.”
Sweden even more so, as it is part of the EU, but not part of the NATO.

Sorry for the rant. Gas prices have only risen 5 fold since October. And people are dying over the ressources, that we are squandering.
The writing was on the wall for decades. But now it is on our very doorsteps.


I hear you. With everything going on right now (pandemic, climate change, war, widening wealth gaps… to name a few big categories) it is really not possible to separate things like this from the larger issues we are having. I really can’t even look at what I call “rich guy participation trophies” like new Ferraris anymore: 2022 Ferrari 296GTB Embraces Electric Assist

With the Polestar I at least can look at the concept as maybe something approachable… but you are correct, still not needed. Though so few things are truly needed.

Also, side note, I dig that old Volvo concept! I don’t remember that one.

Take a look at the Polestar Precept, you’ll find the same front and rear that were pasted here.
The doors/sides make the car look slab sided and too tall in comparison to the DLO. Why do companies hate windows and visibility nowadays?

I’m betting on something in between those: