Polestar 4

So Polestar announced the production version of the Polestar 4… basically a sloped back “SUV Coupe” version o fit Polestar 3… a little softer edges…

The interior is really nice as I would expect from Polestar.

I’m not really a fan of these SUV coupe things, but this is pretty nice all things considered… I’m just not sure people are ready for a car with NO rear window? … it makes me think of that old Frank Lloyd Wright quote. Apparently he customized a Lincoln for himself and had the rear window removed and would often say “I never look back”…

90.avif (89.5 KB)

Link to the Polestar 3 convo:

SUV packaging, even the “coupe” style is much more appropriate for typical EV architecture and platforms that require a full base of batteries. Otherwise they can end up looking like a sedan version of a toddler with a full diaper (high waisted and low bottom).

This and the Volvo EV90 I’m definitely interested in seeing in real life and would consider as a future car.

Ps. I’ve never owned or even driven an suv.

A wagon is always the answer!


I get not having a rear window on a Lamborghini with a huge V12 to cool in the back, but this has nothing in the back. More weird, it’s not like the designers really made a statement with it. The black trim actually makes it look like they wanted to make it look like it might have a small rear window. Why bother?

Off the design, getting rid of windows is a horrible idea. I’ve had a rear cam for 1.5 years now, I just glance and then look out the back. I always miss things if I use the camera and it has it’s limits. I know, they will keep improving and the Polestar probably has way better cameras than my Mazda, but I’m 100% sure there will be times when someone has to put this back in park and find a kleenex to go around scrubbing cameras when they are cold and wet and just want to go home…

For sure. The one thing I miss about my Golf R is the back up camera. It is actually under the logo. When you pop it in reverse the logo flips to expose the camera… I always thought it was unnecessary German complication but now I realize it was keeping the camera super clean!

The Polestar 2’s rear camera gets dirty super easily. And sometimes there is a little software lag between when you put it in reverse and the camera turns on. But at least the screen is giant so I can for sure see a lot more than put the window and all the sensors and 360 top down view make city parking a breeze.