Polestar 3

Not an SUV fan, but I understand they sell a lot… front hood spoiler instead of a grille is unexpected. Expensive though!

Q4 2023 delivery. Crazy companies are announcing cars so early these days.

I like the current Polestar, but this looks kinda busy for no clear reason. Why the hood spoiler? Why all these little lines and recesses? Worse part is that it looks more bland. Slap almost any logo on it and I feel like it would be believable (except for the lights).

Nice to see they improved the lumpy proportions of the Polestar 2. A bit unremarkable but more cohesive and refined.

I saw a Polestar 1 yesterday. It’s still a stunner.


Loving our Polestar 2! I don’t find it lumpy, but I do find it fun and fast! I’ve never had a car where so many people stop to ask me about it.

To each their own.

Maybe lumpy isn’t the right adjective. Confused might be more accurate?

Ride height oddly between a sedan and SUV.
Large wheel wells like it should have sporty tires or big SUV wheels, but instead wheel size that makes it look like standard tiny wheels on a Toyota.
Rear overhang and proportion between a wagon and fastback and sedan.
Clean and sporty surfacing but plastic panels like a utility vehicle at the bottom and rear like they ran out paint.

I really like what Polestar is trying for with the brand, and they have a great start with the Volvos they are all based on, but the 2 just doesn’t work for me as a cohesive design statement. When I see it in real life I keep putting my finger over the rear and imagining it lower or with bigger wheels.

I’m waiting for something more like this-

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Nice intro videos:

I didn’t realize they will be building the 3 in the US after the first model year:

Went to a preproduction preview party for the polestar 3 tonight!