Points of interest in Japan? (Taiwan?)

I am going to be in Japan in a week or so and I was wondering if there were any spots in peticular I should visit that is product design related? I realize I can get a lot just by walking around shops, but as far as showplaces go, are there any good ones?

The only place on my list right now is the AU by KDDI Designing Studio which supposedly is open to the public, has a cafe, exhibition, etc. I’ve been to the Sony showplace as well, I might go back and look around though.

Also, if anybody knows any in Taiwan, that would be helpful too.

Well, since nobody seems to know I found some more destinations if anybody is looking and stumbles across this later:

AXIS Building (AXIS Gallery, Japan Industrial Designer’s Association Design Museum, lots of ID related shops): AXIS Inc.
Map here: http://www.axisinc.co.jp/access.html

Droog Shop + Showroom: http://droogdesign.jp/droogshop.html

KDDI Designing Studio (keitais / cell phones): http://www.kds.kddi.com/access/

Panasonic Center (Gallery, ECO/Universal/Math+Nature Design exhibitions, ECO house): http://www.panasonic.net/center/tokyo/access/index.html

With the exception of Panasonic, which has exhibitions on the design process and concepts, seems like most big Japanese electronic companies have their own showrooms oriented to the everyday consumer.

JVC/Victor Showroom: ご指定いただいたページが見つかりません。(404 Not Found) | JVC

Sharp Ichigaya (Tech + History showrooms): シャープミュージアム

Sony Building: http://www.sonybuilding.jp/e/index.html