I think it is official, Podcasts have gone mainstream! I has curious about what podcast you all listen to? What are your favourites and what ones are good for designers?

My top 5
Twit - Tech talk
MAcCast - MAc talk
Web2.0 Show - Interviews with innovators of Web 2.0
NPR All songs considered - great new music
CBC Radio 3 - Great indie Canadian Music!

Check out Chris Gee’s The Prepared Mind.

This URL summarizes all his interviews with people like GK VanPatter and Jason F of 37Signals

Thanks I checked that one out and its pretty good!

I also came across these podcasts that are also design oriented.

Icon-O-Cast by Lunar Design
Studio Produce
Killer innovations

All three have some great content and are worth a listen.

What are your thoughts on the future of podcast?