how a simple(?) product - a hard drive in a box - is changing things.

NYTimes - For a Start-Up, Visions of Profit in Podcasting - The New York Times

Wired - http://www.wired.com/news/technology/0,1282,66133,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_10

others. lots of buzz. interesting span of disciplines imo. like lowest common denominator. dont design complex products. design simple. let the street define a use. going to do it anyways.

This is another good article on Podcasting I saw this morning…


good article. agree it really isnt new. i’ve been d/l’ing college radio shows for years (though haven’t in the last one).

video side may be next. but good content is hard to find (just visit one of the webfilm sites). but on semi-private filmmaking forum couple days ago admin posted this from an “announcement/submission” email: “We have deals with two new IPTV networks and our currently negotiating our deal with a cellular provider for submitted shorts.”

Wired had good article on big film distribution via BitTorrent: The BitTorrent Effect | WIRED

and for 3D i’ve been watching machinima. there’s even now a “test” machinima tool for Doom3 (announced on a niche site yesterday). looks pretty nice from the screens. no time to play with the tool though.

will there be a vidpod? or rebirth of iglasses?

Any favorite, design-related podcasts?

Here’s a few I’m aware of:

Inventor/creativity guru Doug Hall has “Brain Brew Radio”

“The Vision Thing”

“Church of the Customer”

“CEO Read Podcasts” have exerpts from Jim Collins, Seth Godin etc…

interesting links, CG. will have to listen.

I’m generally a fan of podcasting, though I only use it sporadically (often I just listen to the casts while im at my computer rather than on my iPod, so i’m not sure if that counts…)

Rajat Paharia makes some good points (and good links) on his blog as to why podcasting doesn’t make much sense. At least as a business model, it’s future is probably dim. rootburn.com He’s also down on portable television, though I’m not sure I agree with him there…we’ll see. Portable TV’s didnt work for a lot of reasons, but people carry mobile phones anyway, so whether they use that for TV would probably depend a lot on the pricing. Anyway, an article from Wired on that topic: Ping | WIRED

thought you guys might be interested in this: http://www.odeo.com/

via David Galbraith’s blog (http://www.davidgalbraith.org/), Odeo is a “a turnkey service for publishing and subscribing to podcasts.” It sounds like a cross between blogger and RSS for podcasting, which would make sense since one of the guys behind it was a co-founder of pyra labs/blogger.

it’s not quite ready yet but worth keeping an eye on if you’re a podcasting fan.

odeo blog here: http://odeo.com/blog/

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odeo is getting a lot of press because it was started by one of the blogger guys … check out http://www.libsyn.org, it looks like a really good alternative and has a fair amount of users too.