podcast list

Any interesting podcast that you think might interest others?
my list:
-stuff you should know

  • Clever
  • How I built this
  • Makercast
  • Design matter
  • After school (RIP)
  • The design of business
  • CGI podcast

99% Invisible (I love the episodes about the Frank Lloyd Wright Usonian homes)
This American Life ( A Classic)
Bon Appetit Foodcast (if you’re into food)
the Alton Brown Cast (Also if you’re into food)
Design Matters with Debbie Millman ( longest running design podcast of all time? )
Design the life you love with Ayse Birsel (This one is sponsored by Herman Miller and only has a couple episodes but I really hope it continues)
Pioneers of Industrial Culture (This one is no longer running, but has a few really good episodes including an interview with Konstantin Grcic)
After School from Core 77 (C77 Please come back with this podcast!)
Beyond This Point (Short lived, but there are a couple good episodes including an interview with Poketo founders and designer Eric Trine)

I dig a lot of the ones mentioned above, I also enjoy:
Reply All - “‘A podcast about the internet’ that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it. ” – The Guardian
You Made it Weird - Comedian Pete Holmes talks (at length) with guests (usually comedians, but sometimes others) about everything (always covering comedy, sec, and religion)
The Allusionist - Helen Zaltzman uses language as an entré into some wonderfully informative content

I listen to a lot of similar ones and will add:

-The Futur by Chris Do - Applies to any creative running their own business or in management
-The Pitch - where people pitch their ideas to investors.
-Thoroughly Considered - about a couple of guys running their product design business (Studio Neat)
-Startup Podcast - about startups.
-Self made man - similar to The Tim Ferris Show

I like listening to The Nerdist.

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I listen to a lot of the ones that have been mentioned so far. Here are a few that I listen to that haven’t been mentioned so far:

  • Thoroughly Considered - A podcast by the guys who run Studio Neat. They share some really good insight on how they’re designing and bringing their products to market on top of managing a small business.
  • The Prepared - One guy who works at Kickstarter and one guy who makes CAD software for super complex 3D printed parts. On some episodes they have really good guests who talk mostly about new product development/bringing products to market. On some other episodes, they talk about their own kickstarter project which is a silly little radio that can only tune to NPR. They also have a really good newsletter of
  • Still Untitled - The Adam Savage Project. Much more entertaining than the others I have mentioned. But Adam (ex-mythbusters) still often drops some shop or special effects knowledge on a pretty regular basis.

The Collective Podcast - Motion Designer and Illustrator Ash Thorp has long conversations with other inspiring creatives from photography, design, art, etc. The work ethic and struggles/backgrounds that some of the creatives talk about can put things into perspective. In general a good podcast to listen to if you want to hear from passionate people.

It was one of my favorites for years. I was in from the beginning, even got a small indirect mention on one episode :wink: but I miss the Hostful goodness, it’s still great FREE content and I’m happy for everybody, but I do miss the the 3 host dynamic of old.

Have to call this one out (and many in the Nerdist fold) as it was my ‘first’.

Besides many listed above I’ll add
-StarTalk - Neil deGrasse Tyson’s one

More than podcasts, last year I’ve subscribed to many YouTube channels, a few have fallen to the wayside, but there’s still is a bunch I listen to/watch daily. Some of them are basically conversations, so I’ll listen to them like a podcast as I work.

Not design related, however a recent favorite of mine has been:

Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell

Amazing storytelling, production, and research in many overlooked or misunderstood parts of history.

anybody tell me what is Podcast list?

Just listened to an interesting ID10 podcast with Jon Cenna. He talked about some interesting themes. The only way to get rid of your fear of failure is to fail and come back so many times that it is normal. The only way to have a long term career (talking about wrestling and comedy, but applicable) is to enjoy the process so much that you keep coming back for the love of it. And lastly, embrace the fact that you get to do something that is not a regular job.

I think that Minor Details with Nick Baker and James Connors is worth a mention here. It’s a new podcast from two very popular Instagram designers, really light and conversational but with some great insights.

I’m checking out The Product Startup. It seems to tap into the product design to production community quite well… But I think it’s done making new shows.

“You made it weird with Pete Holmes” is my favorite right now. He brings on a ton of creatives (mostly famous writers and comics), and talks with them about their craft at a really cool/ entertaining level. It’s not necessarily directly ID related, but the subjects certainly apply to creatives across the board.

Been listening to “What A Day”… 20 minute wish news dump. Super condensed and a bit sarcastic.

[ Deleted ]

“In Our Time” on BBC Radio 4 covers a wide range of topics (Culture, History, Philosophy, Religion, Science) and includes a reading list with each episode. I love the wide range of topics including:

  • The Time Machine
    Picasso’s Guernica
    Venus (the planet)
    The Fable of the Bees

They recently did an episode on “Coffee” which was an eye-opener for me…

+1 for Cautionary Tales.

Also, I recommend “Fifty Things that Made the Modern Economy” by the same author. Fifty things is great for those who are busy, as the episodes are under 10 minutes each. I love the rubber, recycling and cellophane episodes for designers.