pocket pc vs palm vs???

i have gone without one since my Palm V died a while ago…just started some of my research this weekend…so what’s the consensus out there?

i think my needs are mainly:

  • calender
  • contacts
  • email (offline)
  • mp3s
  • syncability


I still need to carry iPod, a cellphone and a sketch pad, so I didtched the palm all together, since the other three do all of those functions well if not even better.

Sinc iPod to your calender program using iSync
Email, text message, call from phone,
Take notes better, faster, and with sketches on pad
More mp3’s on iPod

Why add one more block of electronics to your pocket?

i agree-but on the go if u are not going to carry a bag with you a sketch pad can be a lil too much to carry-I hate carrying things in my hands while i walk and have to get places-put agreed with cell phone and ipod

if you want a device that has it all check this out-

Xda 2 from the company 02

the phone is amazing-It is a phone, Pocket Pc, camcorder, and still camera-also records voice-so if you need to take notes you can take a picture write a summary ands then say a lil something about it-also in teh msg-note section you can draw its ok-it alos has a some nice editing software-

it was a steep price-purchased it in hong kong but you can purchase online-and is compadible ith gsm chip phone companies-I have cingular works great.

also ha a great color screen and button features.

dygitalvision, the O2 sure looks sweet…i checked out their site…what’s their support like over here in the US? hopefully you haven’t had to contact them…i like the idea of an all-in-one but thot’ that talking into a PDA feels awkward…

as for a mp3 player, this look sinteresting too…

i am def up for reducing the number of electronic blocks that i need to have on me…

I second Xda 2.

No I havent had to contact the O2 company. and the device is working great. I have cingular as my provider and so far I have had it since july and no problems-except for the leather case-the snap device that connects to your belt has not worked so well-I am going to try and order another case.

but it is very leight and thin. and comes with–well if u check out the site its all there-

ye nice site- too

I still love my Palm Vx. Great design, and still the smallest PDA on the market. I don’t really need a color screen for anything, but I would like sync to Outlook, which my older PalmOS doesn’t support. And wireless is my next killer-app.

The PalmOS gets it right in so many ways. (Read the Zen of Palm for insight.) Instead of trying to cram a familiar desktop OS into a handheld, they focus on the handheld experience.

But I admit that the WiFi capabilities of this little guy have caught my attention, but it looks like HP’s having some issues with display durability.

I also lust for the Treo 650 but need to wait for the Cingular version.

there’s just so many choices…but as i researched on…i don’t think i will ditch my phone and don’t really need the PDA to be a camera since for “lores” images my nokia(w/ bluetooth) already does that…

so it looks like i am narrowing my features down to…
-sync my schedules
-some email abilities

the dell axim30 (312 mhz) seems to fit the bill…but its not much of a looker…hate that antenna…