PMA competition

Hey everyone!
I am in a furniture competition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, CLICK ON THE LINK AND VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!

Thank you so much

Sorry. Voted for the credenza.

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classic first post spam backfire. More than happy to have you post your work and get feedback, John, but we generally frown upon the all caps VOTE FOR ME, especially for your first post.

Hi John,

Thanks for posting this.

My vote has gone to the Matrojska storage space.
It is a great idea to put furniture otherwise crammed against walls and thereby limited in function free in space and provides a great centerpiece and functionality. Yours is a bit more in line with Urquiola’s design approach but I went for the design that overall is most appealing and fits the brief.

I think your table would be nicer if it were a bit lower, and the glass is rendered much too thick. Congratulations on all the votes you got, you would have been my third vote (Y)

Hello again, thank you for the feedback from some, I definitely should have just posted the link to the competition and not self promoted.


On the contrary, we would have loved to see you just post your work and the process that lead to the result.




I have entered a contest exploring the future of hospital furniture in a connected world.
During the process we explored solutions regarding the internet of things, product customization and the overall user experience while keeping the implementation cost-effective, cleanable, recyclable and durable. Mobility has been a key consideration in my design.

You can view the system that I designed here: - Design on Demand

Your votes are greatly appreciated!