plz see my portfolio...n comment

hello ppl.
please see my portfolio…n comment


helloooo…plz comment

be harsh



I don’t really have any interest in jewelry design so I can’t offer much meaningful crit. However I think jewelry design is heavily influanced by culture and doesn’t cross international and cultural borders easily, maybe the reason you’ve not had any responces. Personally your designs aren’t to my taste, but I don’t wear any jewelry and any I buy for others would usually be very minimal.

That said the renders look excellent and I thought they were photos until I read the notes.

jewellery design is more fine art than design as jewellery usually serves only an aesthetic purpose. and as everyone has a different sense of aesthetics, what is good for one person, may be bad for the next. if ur making money from ur jewellery, perhaps u should ask ur clients for feedback on ur work :slight_smile:

its okay… kind of mainstream coporate looking.