Plz gimme some help for ID student

Currently studying ID, but thinking of transferring to Art Center in Environmental design, get BS, then M.arch from columbia, cornell, or harvard(if they accept me:p) I hear Art Center has good reputation in ID, but what about ED? I also consider RISD, PRATT, CIA. Which one would you choose? And is it hard to go from BS to M.arch? Or is it even possible to do so?

anything is possible dudette. find out where your passion lies and remember… we cant do EVERYTHING. stay focus and get going

Call the schools you are interested in and ask if it is possible to do what you are interested in doing. No point in getting the B.Sc and then finding out that you cant get the M.Arch with your background. I am sure there are advisors at the uni’s you mentioned that would be happy to give you info.