Plywood supplier in San Diego

I’m working with a charity connected with the Zoo and Safari Park to design and construct some small, bent-ply animals. Could anyone in the SD area recommend a good supplier for small quantities of quality plywood and veneers? Thanks.

Frost hardwoods off Miramar rd has some 3 ply bendable sheet in 1/8th inch and they also carry hardwood veneers. Don’t think they have the epoxy resin but if it’s not super rigid you may be able to use just wood glue. other than that no-one I have found in San Diego carries anything in thinner ply. maybe call around. I had to soak the 1/8" plys in water because the radius I was using was too small for the wood and it would otherwise break. I then put them in the form to dry out, then I glued them together. very laborious process but it worked out okay.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out Frost.

The first thing that came to mind when I read the thread was the Eames Elephant, although these days they are made of plastic.

Definitely where my head was at, too.