Pls suggest me about glass program in Europe( MA or short co

Pls suggest me about glass program in Europe( Master degree or short course) I also interested in scandinavian glass or any where in europe.

Hi, I’d recommend looking to Finland for anything to do with glassworks. I think the design school in Helsinki is supposed to be really great for that. Ok, so Finland isn’t really Scandinavia, but close enough, right?

Good luck

I think this school has glass design education

2 of my friends here (IKDC) did a one term exchange to the Danish Design Academy in Copenhagen and worked on some really killer glass stuff. I was only there one night for a big ol’ piss-up but it looked really great!

I can try and get more info from them if you’d like?

Royal College of Art, London

Here’s a one-term glassdesign course in sweden, run in english. Many foreign students and the best glassblowers and designers in sweden. The course is run at Pukeberg Designcenter by Kalmar University, in a region that has long tradition in the art and craft of glass.

Just for my two cents worth, I’ve been (just a visit) to the facilities at Pukeberg, looks really great, and the surrounding nature is gorgeous. Very, very high quality of work

I just hope the name doesn’t chase away too many of us who are a little immature…o0(Pukeberg…good one, Beavis…heh heh)