pls, looking for a new iMac review! bootcamp and all

Hi, I´ll buy a new computer withing the next 2 weeks and I´m thinking on a new iMac, 20", 2.4 Ghz, 256MB memory card, 2GB ram, intel core duo, wireless keyboard and mouse, etc…

I use photoshop, flash, illustrator, dreamweaver for graphic and rhino, solidworks and I´ll be using some 3D Max as well for industrial.

Since the new iMac comes already with bootcamp and they assure that it is the same as having 2 computers (one a PC, only that greater and the other one the amazing Mac), they say… you just have to reboot your computer whenever you need windows, and if you need your mac environment, reboot it again, it will work much better than any other PC with windows… and the 20" widescreen and the design! wow!.. so, I think this is the best option for me, I know it will not be that bad for me to reboot the computer once in a while to use windows.

so, does anybody has a new iMac and wants to share your experience? or do you have a friend with a new iMac?