PLS help me... Grad ID, Art Center vs IIT? urgent urgent...

Which way i should go for?

  • 1. find a job in singapore
  • 2. IIT
  • 3. Art Center

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Hi all,

as stated in the subject, i have been admitted by Art Center and IIT for industrial design, graduate program. and currently i am having a tough time deciding which one will be more suitable.

As i am an international student (i took my BA ID in National Univ of Singapore, 4 year program), i am not familiar with US design schools. What i hav researched so far gave me an impression that Art Center put more emphasis on styling for commercial products, where IIT focus on theory and design management.

My BA school gave a rather balanced curriculum. Personally, i cant say i am better at which, creating form or doing researches. however, i am more interested in doing conceptual designs, or branding design, for a range of products. (Thus the least thing i would like to do is CADmonkey or for a specific product company, i am considering applying design consultancy position after grad)

Thus here is my dilemma btw IIT and Art Center, and the hefty school fee really makes me ponder my decision of Grad studies. I am finishing my BA degree this coming june and i have no savings, thus i hav to depend on my family support plus part-time work to afford the school fees.

Another choice for me is to go straight to the industry aft my BA, and maybe get a jr designer job in singapore, work for a couple of years b4 taking Grad schools. The reason why i want continue my study was that i felt a lack of thoughts and depth in my design. I really want to explore design beyond forms and aesthetics, and maybe come up with my own line of products someday.

As confusing it sounds, there are 3 choices for me now:

  1. find a job in Singapore (salary around 2.5k sgd/m)
  2. IIT grad
  3. ACCD grad

Please Please do advice on my choices. I am about to make a decision in a few days as the deadline draws near…
I sincerely appreciate your help. :slight_smile:



agreed - work.

no point in sheltering yourself from reality any longer. especially since your goal is to come up with your own line of products ‘someday.’ how about NOW?? true entrepreneurs don’t wait until completing grad school to do (or at least try) their thing. steve jobs, bill gates, etc. and the real world experience of a job - as frustrating and disappointing as it can be sometimes when you are just starting out - will provide a valuable education in itself and allow you to relate better to the engineers, manufacturers you will eventually need to team with to make your own product line a reality. these partners are not going to be impressed by another degree. they’ll just want to know if you know what you’re doing and if you are reasonable to deal with.

grad school will always be there to take your money, to make your family proud, and will probably be easier to enter (and a more focused, beneficial experience for you) after a few years of pro experience. after working, YOU will know what you want and need and won’t have to ask strangers what school you should attend.

and a question for you and those in singapore in general:2.5k/month?? it is not a cheap place to live anymore - how do you all do it? will you live with family and not pay rent? will you have an hdb flat? will you never set foot inside the ubiquitous air conditioned malls to purchase anything? (again, not cheap there) i guess it could work as a young person sharing a place temporarily, but how do people save, move up and eventually buy their own place there? (especially a place that a designer might be interested in) who is making the car, country club, etc. dream a reality? how does a long-termer sort out generally low salaries with generally high costs? nice place, just can never figure the personal economics out.