Pls explain this

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Candidates who are not US citizens or permanent residents need to have authorization to work in the US in order to apply.

every other job vacancy has this note attached some where…

can anyone elobarate on ‘AUTHORIZATION’. how could a candidate get a work permit with out getting a job offer in the first place, and suppose he has a work permit sponsored by a employer does it mean that he can change his employer’s name in the work permit any time ‘:?’

looking forward to hear from the experts on this issue

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Recent grads (foreign) are still under their school visa I think for up to a year or so, they’re authorized to work during that time I believe.

If you’re still a student you can get a J-1 Visa that will alow you to work for an employer who has agreed to sponsor you. A J-1 is supposed to be an aceademic visa and (in theory) the work in the US is meant to be part of your study or intership.

If you’re a pro, you’ll have to get an employer to to sponsor an H-1 visa, which allows you to work in the US for three years. You can renew an H-1 once more for another three years after which you’ll have to get Permanent Residency (Green Card)